About Matthew Hefferon

I picked up my first video camera in high school. At first, it started purely as a way to document ridiculous things my friends and I could drum up. Pure documentation quickly turned to storytelling and soon I started to understand the power of composition. As I started to dive into manual camera functions, I became infatuated with the never ending equation of variables that makes up an image. I carried around a small point and shoot camera everywhere I went. It helped me slow down time and bring attention to all the mundane aspects of life I constantly overlooked. I loved finding beauty in unusual places. Rust became my first infatuation. The colors created by oxidation are gorgeous. Deep oranges and reds hidden in places humans never pursue.

I was hooked.

My obsession with image creation led me to Hofstra University where I studied Film & Broadcasting. I lived in the Dempster studios climbing through the dusty lighting grids and manning cameras. I loved getting my hands dirty. After graduating, I quickly found a position in master control at NBC Universal in New Jersey. I spent my time ensuring content was properly delivered to homes across the country. Six months later, I accepted a position in the Lighting Department at Fox News. During my time at Fox, I was able to participate in a complete re-haul of Studio E, the home of Fox & Friends. I hung and focused the majority of the lights utilized for Fox's most high profile shows. Eighteen months later, I found myself back with NBC Universal working at the New York headquarters. I currently serve as a Broadcast Engineer maintaining all distribution equipment responsible for sending national programming to NBC's 200 plus affiliates. During my spare time, I have continued to refine my craft, freelancing as a content creator for various clients from musicians to small businesses. This wide array of work from productions large and small has primed me for any creation scenario.