Dodging the Conventional

After a late Sunday night shift and drinks with a coworker, I decided to break my normal routine. Typically, I would head straight home, conceding to the feeling that I need to rush home and roll into bed. I wasn't tired, so I decided to walk. I pulled out my camera and basked in the night glow of midtown Manhattan. The streets were empty and the air was filled with an unfamiliar silence. Silence that you'd imagine was impossible to find in New York City. I kept walking past 42nd. Past 34th. Past 23rd.

The city feels different without it's human pulse. 1:30 in the morning, I begin nearing West fourth. A small 24 hour bodega lights the dim street in front of me. A man leans against the wall next the forever open shop, swiping through the internet. I approach and take a quick photo of the corner store. As I walk past, the man quickly removes himself from the wall. I can see him from the corner of my eye. His pace quickens. So does mine. His presence is heavy as he attempts to close the space between us. I dip around the corner and quickly descend to the subway. My heart races. I turn round to see my tail stopped at the edge of the stairs.