NYC in 35: February & March

I never quite understood the place analog film held in modern day photography, but ever since picking up my little Canon Rangefinder, I've come to love the process more than shooting digital. It slows down my shooting process and limits me in a way that harvests a different form of creativity than digital photography. The process feels more personal. Reviewing the photos weeks later creates a flooding of memories that rush to the foreground of my brain.

I am making an effort to shoot 1-2 rolls of film every couple months and give each their own home in my Daily Ramble. Each photo is accompanied by a short description, embodying some insight on the capturing process.

This post consists of a half roll of Kodak Porta 160 left over from my trip to Sri Lanka. Each photograph was lightly processed digitally in Lightroom.

Music consumed during photo edit:
No Burden by Lucy Dacus
Start with Direct Address