Walking Manhattan: Midtown with the Canon 100 macro

I love walking the streets of New York City. It is one of the easiest ways to escape my inner monologue and tap into the amazing happenings that transpire in Manhattan everyday. During my walks, I always attempt to limit myself and work within the confines of a single focal length or shooting style. For this particular walk through midtown, I brought my Canon T3i and my Canon 100mm macro lens. Most street photographers prefer a wider lens with a field of view closer to the human eye (35mm or 50mm), but I'm learning that a longer focal length suits my shooting style best. It allows me to keep distance from subjects, resulting in more natural expressions.

The 100mm L is also one of the few lenses that allows me capture stunningly sharp portraits while also having the ability to display all the wonderfully gritty Manhattan textures that can only truly be appreciated up close. The photos below were the remnants of a few subway advertisements. 

The earth tones and lovely contrast screamed for attention. I stood for a moment appreciating this overlooked beauty, then honed in on the attributes that drew my eye. Other occupied commuters looked on with confusion as I admired the work of father time. We're surrounded by remarkable sights every day, but often too busy to slow down and soak them in.