Self Portrait Project: Neon Lights

Keeping myself in a creative mindset can be a difficult task with the bevy of distractions life can throw my way. As an attempt to keep creative thoughts percolating in the back of my mind, I have taken on the tall task of dedicating a few hours of my time to all my preferred mediums every week. This post is dedicated to my first self portrait session. I set out to experiment with some colored gels. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the thirty minute shoot.

The majority of the photos were created using two lite-panel LED Fresnels. One light was placed just behind my right shoulder with a green gel, acting as both a backlight and fill. A second LED fresnel affixed with a magenta gel,  was positioned about forty-five degrees to my left and bounced off a small reflector to achieve a soft light.. The magenta light source acted as my key light in most of the photographs. Several of the photos with motion blur (achieved with a slow shutter speed) were created using a speedlight as my key, bounced of a wall and triggered on second curtain.

There is a large room for improvement, but the results are encouraging. In the end, these exercises are meant to add more tools to my creative arsenal. We are off to a good start.