Sketchy Nonsense: A New Perspective on Raw Expression

Sketching in a notepad is an extremely raw form of expression for me. I rarely start with an idea or concept when I turn to a new page. I put the pen down and allow the brain to move my hand as it pleases. The results are usually surprising. In many cases, I can track back influence, but never a reason or motive. These photos are my first attempts to meld my photos and sketches. I started by opening my notebook and finding a few of my favorite pieces. Some were seemingly more complete than others, but a piece is never truly finished - just abandoned.

Once a few pages were chosen, I set up a camera and some lights, and set forth to add another perspective to my raw expression. 

The photos were created with a single light source, reflector, and in some cases, a prism to help combine multiple sketches into a single exposure. Raw files were processed using lightroom.